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學院簡史History of the College

The College of Humanities and General Education was founded in August, 2014.

The college has three teaching units, including Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Childhood Education and Enterprise Management, and Graduate Institute of Cultural and Educational Business Management. In addition, three centers belong to the college and they are General Education Center, in charge of planning general courses for the whole university students; Center of Arts and Culture, planning and promoting arts and cultural performances and informal curriculum activities; Language Center, taking charge of English course, English proficiency test, and diversities of language activities to establish the distinguishing English teaching features in the university. The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was the only 4-year-university apartment in this College in 103 and 104 years only. In the year 105, the Department Childhood Education and Enterprise Management, originally belonging to Nursing School, was transferred to the college. In addition to foreign language teaching, the Department of Applied Foreign Languages aims to cultivate health and leisure and business management elites with humanistic quality. The Department of Childhood Education and Enterprise Management offers students with the second module, including child care, after-school care, and kindergarten product design in addition to the main target developing kindergarten teachers. The Graduate Institute of Cultural and Educational Business Management aims to cultivate advanced professionals in cultural and educational management and cultural and creative practice.

The college upholds the school purpose of "technical professional, humane care" and advocates the concept of "Whole-person Education", "Humanity Conservation", "International Perspective" and "Innovative Thinking" Under the university core competencies, Self-improvement and Lifelong Learning, Communication and Teamwork, Professional Technology and Practice, Caring for Life and Service Learning included, the college set the college core competencies, consisting of "Humanistic Care and Service to Society", "Professional Development and Innovation", "Macro International and Language Communication", "Critical Thinking and Self-Introspection."

Creative revitalization of technical and vocational, with the cultural quality of professionals, "for the Institute of training objectives